Our Cattle

Our herd currently consists of 49 head of cattle, primarily dairy. We have every dairy breed except Brown Swiss and Milking Shorthorn, but are focusing a lot on Jerseys and Ayrshires these days. On this page you can learn about each of our animals. They aren’t just a number to us, and many we have had since the day they dropped on the ground!

Brown Sugar

Brown Sugar is currently the oldest bovine we have. We aren’t exactly sure how old he is, but we know he’s at least 11, possibly as old as 13. He’s the only Jersey bull we currently have and is the guard bull of Angus Valley.


Lollipop is our oldest Holstein and the granddaughter of the late, great Haley. She’s 9 years old and has had 6 calves. After a rough, short last lactation where we almost lost her, she has been enjoying some much needed time off in our pasture and is back to her fat, happy self. We are likely just going to let her live out the rest of her years in retirement.


Spice is our oldest Jersey cow and the daughter of Brown Sugar. She’s 9 years old and has had 7 calves. She is known as the suckle cow extraordinaire as she loves babies and will pretty much let any of them nurse off of her. She used to stay at the dairy, but was always battling mastitis so she gets to stay home and raise calves and be the boss lady. If you’re on Instagram, she has her own account… check out spice.the.jersey.cow!


Yes, her name warrants all caps because she’s one of our favorite cows ever. Norma Jean was the first Guernsey we purchased and is 8 years old. She hasn’t always been easy to get bred, but we just confirmed her due with baby number 6, due in January 2020! This year, she did quite well on the show circuit winning Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion honors at the South Florida Fair, State 4-H Dairy Show, Miami-Dade Fair and the Clemson Spring Dairy Show. We also had her classified for the first time and she scored a VG-87.


Trista was our first Ayrshire. She’s 6 years old and was born in Kentucky. She may be small, but she has already produced a strong line of offspring and has racked up Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion honors all over the state of Florida. Her latest Grand Champion Award was earned at the 2019 Clemson Spring Dairy Show.


Chocolate was Andrew’s first calf. When we got her back in 2014, we were told she was already weaned and eating food. A few days later, we realized that she was only a couple of weeks old and starving for some milk. It’s a miracle she lived, but she’s obviously a very strong girl! She just had calf #5 and is quite content being at home, raising her calf and helping Spice raise another calf. *Pic coming soon*


Parsley is 5 years old and yes, I promise she’s a Jersey. We’re not really sure why she turned black. When she was born, she was a typical fawn Jersey color. As she aged, she turned dark. She is currently being a freeloader in our pasture, but is due to calve with calf number 3 in May.




Clover is a 4 year old Jersey, getting ready to have calf number 3 any day. She enjoys escaping out the gate while the other girls are being milked and trying to run out in the road. She’s also Andrew’s go to cow for showmanship.


Nike aka Heifer Cow

Nike is a 4 year old Ayrshire cow, who is one of the few cows we have that wasn’t born on our farm. We purchased her in 2018 as a pregnant heifer. She is currently spending her second lactation at Palm River Dairy.





Sophia is a two year old Jersey and daughter to Clover. Sophia is named after the character on the Golden Girls which is one of Andrew’s favorite shows. She is one of our girls currently milking at home and is pregnant with her second calf. She was the Senior Bred By Exhibitor winner at this year’s Florida State Fair.